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Ruben Olislagers

visual artist

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What integrates me are powerful human emotions. The moment and what is behind it in one image. I portray those powerful human emotions as convincingly as possible. It is choosing the right time, the right pose or "look". I choose a strong cutout so that you zoom in on where the person's passion is most expressed. But I also depict the road to it and the pain with the help of the painting style and strong contrasting color accents.


In my work I apply many techniques. The works are not only interesting from a distance, but also from very close by. Various structures are clearly visible. If I make a splash, I want to be able to send it. The paint should not be too watery, but should remain liquid. This is only possible with the correct ratio between various raw materials.

I grow by constantly taking distance. In this way I continue to paint for a number of years at a time. Then I let it go. Because I am working with images in a different way, this strengthens my vision on art and my view on my own work. For example, I am currently working on a Graphic Novel. Subsequently, ideas arise for a new series of paintings.

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