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Studio Isabel Quiroga

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product designer

back to basic desk

Isabel Quiroga is an Amsterdam based product designer. She has been nominated by ‘imm Cologne’ for the Innovation Award and for her design 'The Low Lands' she received the Applied Arts Award. She approaches sustainability by researching how we relate to objects. She thinks there is little point of designing physical durability into consumer goods if consumers lack the desire to keep them. Therefore she strives to stimulate a bond between consumer and product. Her focus is fixed squarely on the purpose of a product, but through her innovative slant on things she achieves the delicate balancing act of practicality and originality. The designer creates unusual collections that combine vivid imagination and down-to-earth functionality and creates objects that stand out in form and function. She works as an independent designer and does commissioned works for international brands.

A desk inspired on the design of the ‘Back-to-Basic’ lamp. Just simple holes and notches offer the possibility to attach any other office tool that is needed. For instance the steel board, to put on notes with the help of magnets. You can store your tape and your mobile phone into the accessories folded out of brass. A desk lamp that can be arranged on any part of the desk through the holes made into the desktop. The desktop itself is made out of solid ash wood and carried by a blue steel tube construction. This completes the image of the pure, back to basic design.

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