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Spotlight 15

Dutch Design Hotel Artemis has been around for 15 years and with it also the controversial Dutch Design & Art exhibition. For many years we have been offering a successful platform for both starting and established Dutch artists and designers to show their work to a versatile audience.

We will not let this birthday pass unnoticed. In the new exhibition

d.&a 15 “SPOTLIGHT”, we show the work of various exhibitors from the past 15 years. The next 6 months attention will be paid to these exhibitors, where are they now and where were they a few years ago. We look back to our permanent collection of Dutch Design.


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D&A Platform

Dutch Design Hotel Artemis started D&A platform where different worlds and groups meet, connect and inspire each other. Cooperation and learning is the power; D&A Connected en D&A Learning. The D&A exhibitions are themed exhibitions that change every four months. It shows work by Dutch renowned artists and designers, but also of promising new talent; D&A Expo.


Exhibitor speaks

“I am transforming the frown that gives rise to the seriousness of over-consumption and production into a surprised smile on everyone's face! I want to open those art loving eyes to the unprecedented possibilities of all those cool, unnoticed, wandering, sometimes rotting waste particles around us. Nothing must go to waste, everything can come back as a surprise in the circle of our existence”.

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