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Design by Mark-C

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product designer


Tulip lamps

Design by Mark-C blooms out of a passion for drawings and architecture that sparks throughout handcrafted home accessories and sleek edge furniture.

A surprising combination of materials gets set together to create slender and unique items meant to be proudly displayed in any interior in a great variety of materials and colours. Something unique and unexpected. It's not just a lamp but also a piece of art.

After studying three-dimensional Design in Boxtel, I moved to Miami to study Interior Design after which I remained in the United States to design interiors for cruise ships, these ranged from breathtaking theaters and casinos to luxurious suites. My comprehensive portfolio also consists of interior designs for hotels and banks in various other parts of the world.

After returning to the Netherlands, I continued with my passion for art and architecture and expanded my portfolio with handmade home accessories, especially lights.

Tulip Lamps:

The surprising combinations of materials, sleek and unique items are a beautiful addition to an interior. The lamps bring a warm summer feeling during the day and the colorful works of art, in the evening, gives a warm glow.

The lamps are not mass-produced. They are handmade in Amsterdam and all come in limited edition. They are made with great care and attention to detail.

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