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FRederike Top DESIGN

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Product & Concept for interior and public space


Window DanglingS

Frederike designs interior products and objects for public space, she is fascinated by light. Her work has a playful character that invites the user to interact. By means of small interventions which are of great influence Frederike tries to create an atmosphere in the environment for which she designs.

This cloud of Window Danglings plays with the light entering the lobby.

Light, patterns and colors are poetically reflected in the space and can briefly put the visitor in a ‘spotlight’.

Every Window Dangling is handmade, and is part of Frederike’s Reflected Sequence series. This series consists of dynamic mobiles and light installations in which the light is reflected by semi-transparent geometrically shaped figures. 

These figures, made of acrylate with an iridescent foil, show how under different angles, various colors become visible, which leads to a constantly changing appearance of the object: an ongoing play between color, light and reflections.

The Window Danglings gently move, thus generating an ever-changing image.

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