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mattijs hazewinkel

visual artist

in cooperation with foundation hetwerkvan

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The works that are now exhibited in Artemis Dutch Design Hotel were created by Mattijs Hazewinkel, who works at Atelier Kijkoor in Eemnes.

At first glance, Mattijs's work is usually compared to the work of Herman Brood. However, an observant spectator will see the differences. Mattijs has its own visual language and own handwriting (literally and figuratively). But Mattijs also uses means from the style of street art and graffiti, such as stencils and spray cans. The show element can be found in much of his work. Especially when spectators were present during the production process, this is reflected in the final result. The subjects are very close to himself, such as music, film and women. And he expresses this interest in a completely honest and direct way.

about hetWerkvan;

Our aim is to provide a platform for special artists and high-quality work. A stage that ensures the emancipation and integration of this group of people in society. Through the initiatives of hetWerkvan, daytime activities are given substance on several fronts.


Our direct interest is that these studios continue to exist and remain a good development place for their artists and thus can continuously provide a great output of art objects in the broadest sense of the word. We believe that the art of these artists makes a valuable contribution to the art domain in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Our ambition is to create a platform at an international, national, regional and local level.

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