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You Me and Our World – MagicalLandscapes

I am Astrid Ufkes, Photo artist, born in Apeldoorn in 1958. I have a number studied at the art academy for years, completed the photography school and am interior designer. The fact that I only found my real passion in 2013 arose from a furrow my turbulent period in which both my husband and I suddenly lost our jobs. The just completed photography training and a visit to the exhibition of photographer Ruud van Empel in Antwerp turned out to be my springboard to an existence like photo artist. Photographing and seeing the world around you with different eyes I also coped with this difficult period. It also meant one first serious search for the motives of being an artist.

I have found my way in what I do and who I am. It literally brings and figurative color in my life, that also symbolizes this latest series. By way too traveling and embracing new cultures I have discovered that "it is without value judgment his'

is one of my core values ​​and this is translated by elements in my work literally in their own strength. Freedom and to be who you are can also be discovered symbolically in my work. If contrast you can find forms of protection and shelter.


The choice for which elements I choose is intuitive and has everything to do with my emotions at that moment, but they are always elements I have photographed. It is clear that contrasts belong to me. The tension of this appeals to me and can be found in several expressions in my work. It creates alienation and magic. My work is not always easy to read, you have to make an effort, there is more than the first look shows you. If you look closer it can take you on a journey of wonder, beauty, humor and perfection. If you look closely you can see that the two silhouettes are still present, but no longer as a wandering, searching human. They have become my signature.

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