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What to do?

The outdoor type is in for a treat, Amsterdam is surprisingly green! But if you are looking to explore some cultural events than we have some tips for you too. Not quite sure what exhibit or museum to book? Just ask us, we can help you plan your visits during your stay (we might even have some discounted tickets).  

If you want to explore the outdoors, we have some routes for you planned out. Did you find other paths or if you have a tip? let us know! Other guests will be grateful.  

Want to find out more? Click on the button to go to the Amsterdam Website 

Want to find out more? Click on the button to go to the Amsterdam Website 

Bicycle rent


With My Hotel Bikes you can rent a bicycle at an affordable price and you can easily book a bike.

  • Scan the Qr-code

  • Pay for the bike

  • pick up the key at the reception and go.

Per day €18,00

Paddle boarding


In the middle of the beautiful Sloterpark is the Sloterplas. You don’t have to go far to simply enjoy the water or be sporty. Just a few minutes away it is possible to rent a sup, pedal boat or canoe on this beautiful lake. Experience the ‘outdoor’ feeling in the middle of the city and discover beautiful places.

Image by Kina To



The Amsterdamse Bos is 3x bigger than Central Park in New York. Every year 6 million visitors come to relax, play sports or attend an event. | 6,4 km. 

A hundred artists and affiliated companies are located on a surface of approximately 9000 m2. A great diversity of creative professions as well as crafts are represented in 'Nieuw en Meer'.

molen van sloten.jpg


Amsterdam Sloten Windmill

Discover the only functioning windmill in Amsterdam. A draining windmill, dating from 1847. It controls the water level in the western part of Amsterdam, 2 meters below sea level.

Lets go!



Visit our sister hotel Die Port van Cleve behind The Palace on Dam Square and discor the history of ths monumental property | 17,8 km

voorakn dpvc met tram onscherp.jpg

TOP 10 Museums


You really shouldn't miss any museum, some buildings are worth seeying alone. Amsterdam has a wide variety of museums. | 6,6 km. (start from Museum Square) 


Urban Art


In terms of street art, Amsterdam is just as booming as Los Angeles, New York and Berlin.




Combine your stay with a wellness day at Spa Zuiver | 6,0 km

(tickets available at the reception) 

Biologische schoonheidsproducten

Inspiration for your visit

De Appel | Arts Center


De Appel arts center is an international institute for contemporary art and fulfills a key position for the arts in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. With its Public Program - which consists of exhibitions, but also performances, lectures and debates - de Appel arts center introduces a broad and curious public to the latest developments.

STRAAT | Amsterdam Street Art


STRAAT is not just any street, but one that crosses borders. From Amsterdam to New York, from São Paulo to Tokyo. But it is also a street that pushes boundaries, uniting the variety of styles, forms, techniques and stories that all come together under one roof and are part of one of the greatest art movements of our time. Our collection consists of works of art as large as walls, all made at this location: formerly a welding shed, now a national monument.

Amsterdam Art

Amsterdam offers a home to alot of artists or art collectors. Need some inspiration to see what is new in amsterdam? Take a look at the website of Amsterdam Art and indulge yourself with art. 


Be the first to know about special offers, events, and more.

Did you not find what you are looking for? Maybe these suggestions will be more up your aisle. If you have any questions, our reception team is more than happy to tell you what is going on in Amsterdam. 

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