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Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, a meeting point where hospitality meets Dutch design. Expositions with colorful art and design gives the hotel a luxurious ambiance.


From the moment you enter the hotel till the minute your head hits the pillow you will be indulged with Dutch design. The influences of Mondriaan and Dudok are part of the DNA of the hotel. With its flexible surroundings Dutch Design Hotel Artemis can adapt to several situations and events.


Let’s create memories and connect! Dutch Design Hotel Artemis is your place to call home.

Climate controle

Fitness center

Terrace on

10min from
Schiphol Airport

Design & Artemis expo

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Guest experiences

Dutch Design Hotel Artemis 
John M. Keynesplein 2
1066 EP Amsterdam
Phone: (+31)20 714 1000

Let's create colorful memories

We are always ready to color outside the lines in order to provide you with the colorful hospitality that you deserve. From the moment you have made your booking until the moment that you leave the hotel again. We have a lot of partners who are painting that same picture, but as times are changing new competitors are rising to the horizon. Unfortunately not all "partners" are up to our standards or have the right connections with us. Some third party bookers do not use the right channels to book your reservation which leaves you without a reservation and an empty wallet. We urge you to get in contact with us if you have the feeling that the third party you have booked with is questionable. 


We will continue creating memories and hope you will keep an eye out for us for the third party "bullies".


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