No time to waste

Times of simplistic supply of our daily consumer items seem to have perished. Innumerable forms in color, material, taste, size, smell, brand and quality are constantly thrown at us as quickly decayed consumer articles that often goes along with the choice overload. Purchased and used today, written off tomorrow or even today. And what happens to all those unused particles when they may no longer be art for the eye, taste, hearing, smell or feeling? They end up disrespectfully on a large pile labeled as WASTE.

This exhibition can be visited until October 4

The D&A EXPO; Design & ARTemis exhibition is a part of the D&A Platform where every four months the ground floor of the hotel is changed to a surprisingly different setting. Each exhibition has its own theme. Dutch Design Hotel Artemis provides a platform for both beginning and established artists and designers to show their work to an all-round public. Beside the art, guests can enjoy Food & Drink Design inspired by the theme of the current exposition.

dutch design Concept

designers today

The Dutch designers of this time lift the baton to ultimate heights of prestige. Dutch Design Hotel Artemis initiates this exhibition and has found THE detectives with style who have squeezed their way through the mountains of left overs, to pick up the discarded, rich elements and use them for a new design.

Exhibitor speaks

“I am transforming the frown that gives rise to the seriousness of over-consumption and production into a surprised smile on everyone's face! I want to open those art loving eyes to the unprecedented possibilities of all those cool, unnoticed, wandering, sometimes rotting waste particles around us. Nothing must go to waste, everything can come back as a surprise in the circle of our existence”.


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