Denise Motz (Papendrecht, 1987). She combines her work with her passions: photography, staging and clothing design. With her pictures, that are related to fashion advertising photos, she wants peo¬ple who often are in a structured rhythm of life fall out their own world and expose. She applies fashion, because here you can see the played puppet show. She finds that models are treated as products than as a human. She shows this experiment by putting her models in a forced position. She treats her models also as products. The suggestion of horror, the idea that you are being watched and sterility are important elements in her work.

The colors used have a strengthening effect on the emotions that Denise wants to express.

(32) Experiment #1


Photo, 2012 - 70/100 cm, Euro 675,- ex VAT

This work is a constructed image, inspired by a men¬tal hospital. This is how I see the back of the fashion world. An affliction which again consists out of two photographic layers that are in contact with each other. As we also seek contact with the fashion world'; thus Denise Motz.

(33) Forced contact between two different layers


Photo, 2012 - 60/60 cm, Euro 600,- ex VAT

The work is literally about the contact between the various layers. One layer affects the other and gives a forced viewing direction to see the throat. The throat is a fragile component and therefore ensures that your breath falters.

(34) Stilled


Photo, 2012 - 70/100 cm, Euro 675,- ex VAT

This work presents a film still where someone is about to hurt the girl. A moment where you would like to help her in this situation, until you find out that it is her own hand.