Etiënne Reijnders graduated from St. Joost Design Academy (Breda) in 2004.

He gained experience at Atelier van Lieshout and Studio Job and worked as a freelance designer for a number of established design studios. In particular working for Atelier van Lieshout proved to be a unique and valuable experience. Here they work with polyester, a nowadays rare material requiring very special skills. Reijnders has used polyester to design and create a number of interesting furniture prototypes.

'I'm a headstrong designer, who especially loves to walk the sidetracks and loves challenges. But I also believe in simple work. The design and material must fit in with the thought process, so don't make it prettier or uglier than it needs to be. I work very crisp and pure.'

Upcycling Series

Etiënne is focused on Upcycle series. Upcycling means adjusting an existing product into a durable product on a higher functional level. This implies that the product is not completely dismantled into raw materials, since this would hardly give any ecological gain. Aiming to keep the original product visible in its new function adds an extra dimension to the design process. The designer needs to take a transformation point of view and must recognize the essence of the previous function.

Etiënne transformed run-down shopping carts into comfortable chairs. The process involves sawing, cutting, folding, forging and welding the steel. Once finished, the pieces are galvanized and fitted with new plastic parts. The end-product is an extremely strong and very usable piece of furniture that is both airy and original. It will easily find its destination in your house as a piece of art that you can actually use.

(27) Touché


Galvanized metal, plastic, 2012 - 60/60/120 cm, Euro 1.850,- ex VAT

The shopping cart chair loses a minimum of material: only the wheels and 0.5 kg of metal. The shopping cart receives a new function, and becomes an elegant chair. The armrests carry the tub and make the connection to the chassis. It transfers an everyday object to a luxury exclusive design chair, and because of the new function and status an eternal life lays ahead.

(28) Shopaholics Throne


Galvanized metal, plastic , 2013 - 170/70/70 cm, Euro 2.950,- ex VAT