Blandine lives and works in the Netherlands since 1996. In 2006 she graduated cum laude from the Fontys Academy of Arts in Tilburg as a teacher art and design. She taught at the photography department of Academy of Arts St. Joost in Breda and the art school Sint Lucas in Boxtel.

As a painter she has developed a surprising new technique: painting with wine; vinorel. The brown, plum, purple en red colors of the different wines allow her to create mythical or mysterious moods. Although the color of the 'vinorel' changes through the years, the contrast will remain intact. Vinorel is a living work of art that matures with time.

(23) It's Raining


Vinorel, 2013 - 70/100 cm (piece / incl. frame), € 2.200,- ex VAT (whole serie)

Don't be afraid of the rain. Dance in it!

(24) Spetters!


Vinorel, 2013 - 70/100 cm (piece / incl. frame), € 820,- ex VAT (whole serie)

Explosion of Dutch wines: Rondo Pinot en rosé from 'Domein De Vier Ambachten' in Simonshaven, 'Chaamse Wit' white wine from 'Dassemus Wijngaard' in Chaam, Santspuy red wine from Etten-leur.

(25) It Will Go With The Wind


Vinorel, 2013 - 50/50 cm (incl. frame), Euro 380,- ex VAT

The wind will take it away

Everything will disappear
The wind will take us away

(26) Wineflowers


Vinorel, 2013 - 18/18 cm (a piece / incl. frame), Euro 30,- ex VAT (piece)

'Fleur de Sel' is the best of salt. It is found in particular in French Brittany and Southern France and is the top layer of the salt collected in the salt pans. It is a laborious process to collect a small amount of 'Fleur de Sel' which has a delicate taste and contains a lot of minerals. 'Wineflowers' are the Fleur de Sel of the wine paintings.