Huub Ragas was born in Eindhoven. Since 1992 he lives and works in Tilburg. His paintings are often surreal cityscapes, on which for example flying fish regularly accompany these images. Also portraits of people are a favourite subject. His work is characterized by a rich colour palette, often painted on a dark background. His paintings have been exhibited e.g. in gallery Haaghs (The Hague, The Netherlands), Chiancao (Italy), Hamburg (Germany) and Tokyo (Japan). His smaller paintings can be found in the galleries of Carre d'artistes in Europe permanently. In recent years he designs stained glass in collaboration with glass atelier 'Tegenlicht'.

(19) HR 103 Red Sky


Gouache, 2012 -120/100 cm, Euro 2.800,- ex VAT

This painting was created with the inspiration of images of cities, with a colorful orange red evening sky in the background. In this case the sky is reflected in the water.

(20) HR 101 City Work Orange


Acrylic, 2003 - 80/80 cm, Euro 1.415,- ex  VAT

This painting is a fictional town where the viewing directions are mirrored and the orange sky 'above' the city.

(21) HR 475 Energy


Gouache, 2011 - 100/100 cm, Euro 2.500,- ex VAT

'This painting illustrates life force and also the rich inner world of life, the often complex inner world of people like me.'

(22) HR 570 Two Green Houses

22-hr-572-houses-h200   22-hr-573-houses-h200

Gouache, 2012 -15/15 cm, Euro 125,- ex btw (a piece)

'These are paintings of a series. It is an experiment where I abstracted more than usual in my work. I explore spaciousness versus two-dimensionality and play with the surfaces and colors.'