Marianne Querido was born in Rotterdam and lives in the small enclave village Baarle-Hertog in Belgium since 1998. After her study for color stylist, she started to focus on designing jewelry. Inspired by her love for color, gemstones and old beads, every creation becomes a unique jewel.

'Art can only catch my eye, when it overwhelms my heart and imagination.'

(16) Zonnekracht / The Power of the Sun


Necklace, 2013 - 51 cm, Euro 325,- ex VAT

The beautiful color of the coral symbolizes the red of the setting sun. The old orange bead (1900, Bohemia) shows the power of the rising sun. The brown hand blown glass bead and the green of the jade represent the energy of the earth. The purple amethyst releases its mystical power.

(17) Lavender


Necklace, 2013 - 50 cm, Euro 285,- ex VAT

'On a trip through southern France, I was inspired by the beautiful purple lavender fields. The hand blown glass bead and green amazonite symbolize the surrounding landscape.'

(18) Ocean


Necklace, 2013 - 51 cm, Euro 315,- ex VAT'The colors of blue glass beads, discovered in a small shop in Rome, inspired me to design this jewel. The different shades of blue and turquoise are a reflection of the ocean on a beautiful summer day.'