Wendy du Pree - van Elteren (Breda, 1984) was an artistic child, but her fascination for shapes and colors grew when she enrolled as a student art therapy at the Nijmegen school of arts. She especially loves the connection between art and emotions that is commonly called flow. In a flow a passage is opened that cannot be reached verbally, the work of art takes its place as another kind of language. Wendy finds inspiration in her daily life. She works from her home studio in Oisterwijk.

'In the colors of my work traces can be found of how I feel when I am painting. But as an art therapist, I am also curious to hear what others may find in my work. What pulls your attention? What does the painting inspire you to see? Is it a shape or a feeling? It sometimes cannot be captured verbally, but comes forward nonetheless in art.'

(14) Closer


Painting, 2012 - 100/100 cm, Euro 1.250,- ex VAT

(15) Femininity


Painting, 2013 - 100/120 cm Euro 1.400,- ex VAT