Don van Rooy is not just a photographer. He is a craftsman, but also a romantic, an image poet. For him, each picture is a challenge. A challenge to affect, to capture more than the eye can see: the story behind the photo, his work amazes, surprises and touches people. He is a dreamer and that is evident in his work.

His enthusiasm and positive energy make people feel at ease with him. He works on the edge of what is permissible. Not to shock or to be artistic but because sometimes the best results can be found there. He makes pictures that excite, evoke an emotion, surprise or speaking. Sometimes they are referred to as a reminder or as a communication tool. But at least they are photo's that you will never forget.

(13) Rubber Duck

13-rubber-duck-4-h200   13-rubber-duck-5-h200

Photo on acryl glass, 2013 100/100 cm, Euro 800,- ex VAT

Rubber Duck is a series where several rubber ducks get an almost graphic effect by using photography and image editing. By size and material the ducks get both an alienated as an iconic im