Nathalie Broekhuizen lives and works in Ulicoten, a small village in the province of Noord- Brabant, the Netherlands. In 2005 she started working with ceramics and clay just for personal enjoyment. When she saw the many possibilities of clay, she wanted to learn more and start working in a professional way. In 2007 she began her education in ceramics at the Academy of arts IKO in Hoogstraten (BE), from which she graduated in 2012. Her ceramic creations usually start on a simple theme and often objects develop into a story. The personal insight and image or view one has when looking at the objects can lead to interesting discussions.

Growth & Development series

Each object in the exhibited series displays the theme Growth & Development in its particular way. Everyone grows and evolves. For one this can be an easy and smooth path, while the other is on a more difficult journey. Growth is shown through the accumulated layers, Development through different patterns and forms. These white objects are in line with the theme ‘iColor’ of this exhibition. The color white reflects and combines any other colour and plays with light and shadow. Color exists through light and white light on its turn is built out of colors; it may look like white but basically consist of a combination of all visible colors. The color white is reflected by its surroundings and gives the viewer space for his or hers own creative imagination.

(9) Growth & Development – On the Move


Ceramics, 2013 - 26,5x5,3 & 31,5x9,7 cm, Euro 345,- ex VAT

(10) Growth & Development – Balance


Keramiek / Ceramics, 2013 - 32x12,5x12,2 cm, Euro 285,- ex VAT

Pendants series

These pendants are colourful and meaningful as they are engraved manually. The objects are handmade therefore each pendant is unique. By using different colours next to contrasting black or dark grey they become even more beautiful and bright. For the pendants with the red colour and black hand painted characters a Chinese red glaze is used and they were fired in an electric kiln. The pendants with different colours are Raku fired. This is an ancient Japanese firing technique. After bisque firing the pendants or other pieces (changing process from clay to stone) there put into a Raku or gas kiln and quickly brought to a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius. The designs are taking out of the kiln with a special tool while they are still flaming hot. Due to the sudden and big difference in temperature the glaze will crackle. After this treatment the piece will be placed in a sealed barrel with sawdust. Due to the high temperature the sawdust will burn and smoke. The crackle and the unglazed parts of the piece will turn black or dark grey from the smoke inside the barrel.

(11) Pendants Chinese

11-hangers chinees-h200

Earth ware, Chinese Glaze, 2013 - 4,5x3,5x0,5 cm, Euro 49,- ex VAT

(12) Pendants Raku

12-hangers raku-h200

Earth ware or porcelain Raku fired, 2013 - 4,5x3,5x0,5 cm, Euro 49,- ex VAT (earth ware) Euro 59,- ex VAT (porcelain)