Ruben Olislagers (Eindhoven, 1972) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht. In his early years he mainly made interactive art. Since 2010, he resumed painting.

He is inspired by street posters, which affected by erosion or human tell a story. The layers of pasted posters symbolize the passage of time. His works are reminiscent of street art. As if the weathered posters are pasted or painted. They tell us that everything is transitory. It always omnipresent process of aging fascinates the artist. Or do the layers show us a continues renewal?

Barbarella series

Barbarella is a series of three paintings with the theme of the 1968 cult film Barbarella with Jane Fonda in the lead. Because of the attitude, the use of color and graphic painting the picture of the actress looks as an icon.

The three paintings all have a different background color, making their bright color contrasts reinforce the work. The expressive colored lines in the face create an additional tension in the paintings. Because of the various layers of material and the laminated printed paper the paintings have something of a street poster. A street poster that disappears from the street scene by erosion. An icon is often a recognizable image forever but this will also be transitory.

(6a, b, c) Barbarella I, II, III

Painting, mixed media, 2012 - 50/70 cm, Euro 555,- ex VAT (per piece)


'Girl with gun' is a series of three separate paintings which are composed of different materials such as printed paper, gypsum plaster and various types of paint on canvas. This gives the opaque, slick effect with bright patches of colour that is recognizable to the works of Ruben. Observe the work not only from a distance, but also very close. New spots appear, damage and scratches making the paintings more interesting to watch.

The attitude, the look and the graphics give the model an iconic look. The woman with the huge water gun seems like to come out of a surrealist movie. This is reinforced by the various colour contrasts so some colours appear even brighter. The expressive use of colour is surprising what creates an additional tension and emotion in the work.

(7a) Girl with gun I


Painting, mixed media, 2013 - 120/100 cm, Euro 920,- ex VAT

(7b) Girl with gun II


Painting, mixed media, 2013 - 150/100 cm, Euro 1.035,- ex VAT

(7c) Girl with gun III


Painting, mixed media, 2013 - 100/150 cm, Euro 1.035,- ex VAT

(8) Guitar player on table


Painted table, mixed media, 2013 - 160/50/75 cm, Euro 920,- ex VAT

A guitar player painted on a table and two benches. The painting flows into the benches. The table is finished with boat varnish so that it can placed outside. The table legs are made of steel and painted black.