'I am a visual artist, did the academy of the arts in Tilburg and I am working in a nice studio in Breda. It feels sensual to smear and throw with paint, to mix my colors, to move with a brush full of paint over the material. And then you experience that you can (re)build your own world. Painting is wondrous and addictive. It is a series of meditative moments but also just hard work, sweat, continue, making choices and then, go with the flow; give everything from hands and just let it happen to see the miracle of what arises in my own hands.'

Colorful Mindscapes

'I apply the paint on the canvas in active gestures, like I am dancing. The colors form a festive harmony as if you can hear them. I search for the natural look of a moment in eternity, as if it is a structure that grew and matured.

'My current paintings have the umbrella title; 'Colorful Mindscapes', because they tell about the realm of my colored feelings. They are about my inner life, about adventurous or subdued moods that have nested in my person.'

(1) Monets Lake


Painting triptych, 2013 - 140/200 cm (per stuk), Euro 3.392,- ex VAT (whole series)
While swimming in Monets Lake I am wandering through the adventures of my youth.

(2) Ontloken energie


painting, 2013 - 120/200 cm, Euro 1.590,- ex VAT
The trotting horse is full of blossomed energy.

(3) Floating in a Persian gulf


painting, 2012 - 60/80 cm, Euro 1.007,- ex VAT

(4) Stirring blue waves in a stormy t-cup


painting, 2013 - 100/80 cm, Euro 1.272,- ex btw

(5) Pink Clouds


painting, 2013 - 90/70 cm, Euro 1.060,- ex VAT
Pink clouds are floating above the horizon in the early evening.